Do you like boho style accessories? Because I love it! I love all these feathers, tassels, earth colors. All these features can be found in today’s project, plus of course a splash of  lovely pink.

What we’ll need:

  • a piece of eco-leather
  • elements for decoration; beads, feathers, ribbons, tulle etc.
  • universal or hot glue
  • scissors
  • ruler and pencil
  • metal key ring

Step by step:

1. Cut the two rectangles out of the eco-leather. Fold the smaller one in half and glue together, creating a loop for the pendant. Cut the larger ones by creating tassels, leaving approx. 1 cm of unsected surface from the top, just like in the pictures.

2. Paste our loop to the beginning of a larger piece and then wrap our keyring into a tassel

At the end, we need to decorate our keyring. I glued to the keyring feathers (because how to do boho without feathers?), I added a little tulle, wrapped it with two pink ribbons and finally glued beads on the wire.