Old, cotton t-shirt. Apparently still suitable for walking, but it never happens. Forgotten poor thing at the bottom of the wardrobe. Do you know it? Because I did, and during the last cleaning I found this black one. This time instead of putting it back on the bottom of the wardrobe I decided to give him a second life.

First of all, for the project to be succeed, the shirt must be cotton. Because of this, the material does not fray after being cut, and it nicely wraps on the edge.

This is our today’s hero and how to cut it 🙂

Recently, I laughed that all that off shoulders blouses are so fashionable that it is difficult to buy one that have hiden arms at least. Why not make one more then, lol? 😀 So I decided that is the way I will redo my shirt.

  1. I cut the t-shirt the way you you can see in the picture. When will you finish cutting, pull the edges in the hands, it’ll create nice, curled edges
  2. Cut out the strap from the severed bottom of the shirt and stretch it. Cut it in half.

3. At the end I quickly sewed the two material straps to the front of the blouse, creating a tie at the back.

Taaadaa, my new, old blouse is ready! 🙂